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D&K Ranch


Rides designed with you in mind!

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D∓K Ranch Welcomes You!

Who We Are

D & K Ranch is a small local horse ranch that offers horse back riding on the Finger Lakes National Forest trails.

Our focus is on the rider and the horse. We keep our groups small and we are able to work with the comfort of the rider and change our ride, time and directions based on what is available for the rider.

Our goal in creating D & K Ranch is to not only enjoy our favorite pastime, but to also build and share the connection that people can have with horses.

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A Dude means a man from the city, or a wealthy Easterner who goes to a ranch to experience the cowboy life.

Why Ride?

To have a chance to learn and understand horses. There is far more to riding than you might expect. There are benefits beyond simple enjoyment; physically, mentally and emotionally, self confidence and the belief in yourself and what you can do. We will do this through...


We will help you communicate to the horse you choose.

Body Language

This is what horses look for...we will help the horse what you would like to see happen.


You will be working with a horse who will act as your partner to reach your goals.


Understanding that the horse trusts you to keep them on the right path.

"Patience, consistency and understanding must come from us before we look for it in a horse"
~D&K Ranch

Promote good horsemanship! Grab a copy of our Code of Conduct below and review before riding with us.

Meet Our Horses!

Our horses are caring, gentle, mature, and respond to the energy of the rider.


Maximum Drifter is a great horse all around; working cow horse. Loves to go out for day rides and will respond to any direction given by the rider. Max is very in tune with the rider and his surroundings.

aka Windy Wind Chime, L.B. is a very calm and collected guy. He loves to walk! Can be good for a new rider if you are unsure about riding.

Don't let Tormenta's name fool you...she is very kind and attentive to the rider. Tormy came to us last summer. She is a retired Cornell polo horse. Very well trained and still enjoys going out for a ride.

aka Curious George, Dakota is a great, all around guy..always wondering what is going to happen next. Really loves attention!

Our youngest Member to D&K Ranch, Silverado is very sweet and just wants to do the right thing.


D&K Ranch now offers a Volunteer Program for those who want to get hands-on experience in learning to care for and train horses.

Take a look at our handy-dandy map below to view and read about the trails we routinely visit.

Rates & Rides

We only take small groups riding and try our best to keep groups private.

45 Minute Ride

$30 per person

Guided trail ride through our 30 acre wooded trail system. We will match you with your horse and start with a small obstacle course then venture through a winding wooded area and a short stroll on a seasonal road.

1½ Hour Ride

$50 per person

Ride out from Backbone Horse Camp along a trail that is good for those who would like to walk and enjoy the scenery. Stroll by cattle pastures and through wooded trails.

2 Hour Ride

$75 per person

Discounted rates if booked through
A Stone's Throw or Hathaway House

We have 2 choices of trails depending on the pace you are comfortable with- ride out from Backbone Horse Camp or from D&K Ranch over terrain that is a little more challenging with a pace that involves walking and trotting.

Overnight Camping

Price by Request
Intermediate Riders Only
Ask for Rider Count

Tent, bedding included along with dinner over a campfire. Relax under the stars and wake up with coffee and light breakfast to ride out by 9am. Reservations required

Contact Info

Have any questions for us, need directions, or do you have some ideas for a trailride?

Our goal is to design rides around your experience, tell us what you have in mind!

Full Name

D&K Ranch is located on a seasonal road, so to find the best route or roads from North and South take the least seasonal roads possible.

Directions coming from Geneva or Watkins Glen (GMaps)

D&K Ranch